Mariah Carey celebrates her 50th birthday surrounded by success

    Madrid / 26. 03. 2020 10: 09: 13         American singer Mariah Carey, who marked an era of pop alongside Whitney Houston and became the best-selling female artist of the years 90, turns 50 years turned into the international megadiva. Born in a multicultural family, of father with Venezuelan descent and Irish mother, Carey did not have an easy childhood, because She endured many racist attacks while living in Huntington, a town in New York, and the separation of her parents, which led her to enter the world of music to take refuge from her environment. Supported by her mother and brother, she decided to leave. to New York to pursue his dream of being a singer. After working in several places to pay the rent, it was in 1988 when his life took a turn of 180 degrees when he met to music producer Tommy Mottola, president of Columbia Records and who would become her husband. Hand in hand with Mottola, Carey published in 1990 her self-titled debut album Mariah Carey with which the singer He began to win over the public by getting number one on the country’s top music charts. Soon the album would become the best-selling album in the United States and the songs “Vision of love”, “Love takes times”, “Someday” and “I don’t wanna cry” became number one on the Billboard Hot 100 With the success of his later albums, Emotions (1991) and Music Box (1993), the American artist managed to establish herself as the singer with the highest number of sales in the country, reaching close to 140 million copies sold. , Carey made history with the single that he composed with Boyz II Men, “One sweet day”, breaking the record of permanence at number one on the Billboard Hot list 100 after being 16 weeks on the podium, but if there is a song that has marked a before and after in its Musical career was “All I want for Christmas is you”, from his most Christmas album, Merry Christmas. From there the young woman ceased to be known as Mariah Carey to become The Queen of Christmas. Twenty-five years after its release, this Christmas song has reached the top of the list of best-selling singles in the United States that it publishes Billboard music magazine. With the message “We did it”, we did it, the artist celebrated the news on her social networks. Despite everything, music was not enough for Carey; She wanted to be an artist, with capital letters, so in 2001 she decided to make the leap to the cinematographic world starring in the film Glitter by director Vondie Curtis-Hall, but it was the film Precious (Lee Daniels, 2009) the one that won her the award for best female performance at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and nominations at the Black Real Awards (organized by the African American Film Foundation) and at the NAACP Imagine Adwards (Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Film) Considered one of the most important female voices in history, she has received numerous awards throughout her musical career. Among them are 5 Grammys Awards, 21 World Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards and 14 Billboard Music Awards. Far from thinking about retiring, Carey to his 50 years prepares a charity concert with Billie Eilish and Tim McGraw from their home, whose money will go to combat the spread of the coronavirus, a pandemic that ravages the whole world. She finds herself immersed in the launch of her memoirs, whose title will be I had a vision of love in homage to the song of 1990 that catapulted her to fame.   
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