The most difficult case: Meghan Markle's replacement broke the silence

Prince Charles’ positive for coronavirus has set off alarms across the UK, but seniors aren’t the only priority: whoever broke the silence on behalf of the British crown was none other than Sophie of Wessex, Meghan Markle’s replacement for Queen Elizabeth and her words have moved everyone. After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed a three-week quarantine across the UK to deal with the coronavirus crisis, the heir to Meghan Markle has spoken up and outlined the priority for the British crown: not to forget about children.Since the door slammed to her royal duties from Meghan Markle, Sophie of Wessex has counted on the blessing of Queen Elizabeth as a strong female figure and guide to the steps to follow for Kate Middleton. Her figure has been growing to gigantic levels: in fact, the voice of the duchess has been the only one that has been heard this Wednesday. Without empathy with Meghan Markle, but with Kate Middleton, Sophie of Wessex has been making her own space by conquering Queen Elizabeth. Despite Her Majesty’s historical ignorance of her son Eduardo, she has been charming and kind to his wife, who today has taken over and released a public message for parents distressed by their children. Although the most relaxed messages were not at all frequent in royalty, but lately the trend is growing: even Queen Elizabeth has joined the way of communicating with Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and now Sophie of Wessex, who left a touching message. “For parents and caregivers, it can be a daunting time to help our children and young people through this period of uncertainty, but please, you are not alone. Take advantage of the resources available and the fantastic digital communities that share and support you. .Keep safe, thinking of all of you, “the acting successor to Meghan Markle, much more active than Harry’s wife, said in her statement. The video that the successor of Meghan Markle has shared in real terms was filmed by Lady Louise Windsor, her daughter: in addition to the message, the intention was to communicate that the members of the royalty are also heeding the government’s instructions, fulfilling the quarantine at home and in strict contact only with his family. In the framework of difficult hours, a noble gesture to highlight.          
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