Thor 4: Will the God of Thunder and Jane Foster fall in love again?

Posted 1 hour ago Posted on 26 March 2020 17: 30: 02 According to us, Thor and Jane Foster could fall in love again in the sequel to Ragnarok: we tell you why!   In the aftermath of Ragnarok, the downfall of Odin’s son will continue. After losing his eye and his hammer Mjolnir while facing his half-sister Hela, then falling into depression and gaining weight following his failure against Thanos, the God of Thunder will still not have an easy life in Love & Thunder. Especially since he could also lose his identity! And for good reason, he will lose his superhero status, which will be endorsed by Jane Foster, his girlfriend in the first two episodes of his solo franchise. The heroine embodied by Natalie Portman will become Thor in her place. We don’t really know why the two lovers split up in the past, but will they be able to fall in love again in this fourth episode of the saga?                           The comics where Jane becomes Thor In the comics books where Jane Foster becomes Thor, she kisses him on their adventures. Could a similar reconciliation take place in the MCU? Marvel Studios adapts the intrigue of the comics “to its sauce” to create a cinematic universe different from the original but just as coherent. Given the disjointed relationship between the God of Thunder and his former lover, we can expect that their love story will experience some twists and turns! Especially since it is Taika Waititi that we find at the controls of the film, and that he promised that the film would be as extravagant and fun as Ragnarok. However, after Ultron’s attack, Thor had abandoned the astrophysicist on Earth, and she must have blamed him ever since.                           Thor and Jane kiss Knowing that the two heroes will team up in Love & Thunder, we assume that she will eventually forgive him. If the title of the film is revealing of the intrigue, we guess that the passion which animated them formerly will restart again. The transformation of Jane Foster into God of Thunder will give rise to sparks, and the son of Odin will discover a new version of the young woman. This should give spice to their love story (which was rather bland so far) and complete the circle of their romantic relationship. The latter had been left behind after The Dark World, and it’s time for Marvel Studios to reveal what happened between them. And if it turns out that Thor 4 is the first film in a new trilogy, their couple could experience a real evolution!        
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