What activities can be done with older adults?

It is important to have physical and mental routines according to your abilities. Thus they face fears and anxieties. These changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly generate fear and anxiety. And for experts, those feelings are experienced equally by children, youth, and older adults. But the important thing is to have a clear activity plan to maintain a routine and mental health. What activities can be done with older adults? Board games, breathing exercises. Mobility, changing the position and changing spaces in the house where light enters, as well as a little air, are very important. Exercises with older adults who have reduced mobility are also key. However, the psychologist Sandra Herrera makes an important call: “It is very important not to overprotect the older adult. Let him be autonomous, make his own decisions and the moment we see what is happening as that limit of what he can do, we go in to talk to him. ” It is important to respect the spaces of older adults so as not to generate family conflicts.
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