Breaking news: 2 coronavirus cemeteries in Istanbul … Warning to those who wash the funeral

Within the framework of the Scientific Committee established within the Ministry of Health, the relevant ministries and the recommendations of the Diyanet, these two cemeteries were separated for those who died from the coronavirus, where the normal burial process continues. The funerals of those who died from the corona are buried in coffins according to the procedure. If the family cemeteries are suitable for the burial with the coffin, the funerals can be buried in the family cemeteries. Funeral owners will be able to transfer their funerals to the family cemetery after 6 months or 1 year if they wish. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın told Hürriyet about the burial procedures of those who died from the coronavirus: “There is no risk of contamination from the dead. The virus has no way of getting into the soil, from there to the plant, from there to the human. The virus infects survivors. Normal burial is performed for those who die from coronavirus. Those who come into contact with the funeral should take all precautions and funeral owners should not create condolence environments. The main transmission route is the crowds in the funeral prayer. WARNING TO THE WASHERS OF THE Funeralclass=’cf’>However, the person who washes the funeral should wear a mask, glasses, gloves and apron. After shrouding and placing in the grave, there is no virus infection. If water is leaking from the coffin, it is dangerous to touch it, take your hand to your face. In other words, if the person who comes into contact with the funeral takes all precautions, if the burials have protective measures, they can also bury them with a coffin or a shroud. After covering it with soil, there is no problem. ”Meanwhile, municipal teams opened new burial places in the forest area located in Çekmeköy Yukarı Baklacı area. The residents of the neighborhood reacted to the burial of those who died from coronavirus in this region, which is within the boundaries of Çekmeköy and Beykoz. Riot Teams came and scattered the crowd.
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