Death threats are falling on the French doctor who eats coronavirus with malaria medicine

                    In the treatment of a new type of coronavirus, which caused the death of a thousand 698 people in France, Professor of patients with malaria medicines. Didier is threatening Raoult. French press, Prof. He wrote that people who threatened Didier Raoult were being investigated on charges of “threatening and intimidating those who serve the public service”. “THERE IS LESS THAN 4 HOURS” Prof. Threat of an unidentified person calling Raoult with the words “If you don’t stop voicing this nonsense until tomorrow 14: 00″ you will see what happens. ” said to be. In the messages sent to Raoult a day later, “it takes less than 4 hours to retreat from your words about chloroquine.” The statement said. INVESTIGATION STARTEDFrench press continues its studies on chloroquine drug, which is also intended to be used in patients with coronavirus. He stated that Raoult did not want to make a statement as the investigation process about the death threats against him continued.   Professor Didier RaoultLILING THE VIRUS USING THE MEDICERDoctor Rault stated that the percent 75 of the patient who accepted the experimental treatment 24 got rid of the virus within 6 days. EXPORT OF THE DRUG IS PROHIBITED According to the Prime Ministry Decree published in the Official Gazette in France, it was stated that chlorokin can be used in the control of doctors for the treatment of Kovid – 19. In the country, Professor of the Mediterranean Infection Institute in Marseille, Professor of Kovid – 19, one of the most advocates of the use of chlorokinin. Dr. Didier Raoult, in his statement on Twitter, thanked Health Minister Olivier Veran for this decision. The French government also banned the export of chlorokinin. WHAT IS CHLOROCIN? Chloroquine is a drug used in combination with other combinations. However, dose balance is very important in this drug and side effects are very high. There are reports of permanent retinal damage and, in some cases, death. It is not recommended for use with any other medicine. The drug also has a suppressive role in the immune system.
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