More than 35 artists sang “Como la cicada” as a spell against the pandemic

León Gieco, Abel Pintos, Jairo, Teresa Parodi and Soledad Pastorutti, are some of the more than 35 Argentine popular music figures who joined their voices tonight to perform together, shortly after 21, an emotional version of “Como la cicada” that was broadcast simultaneously by various television channels. Stanzas such as the chorus of the song that expresses “Cantando al sol como la cicada / After year under the ground / Just like a survivor / Returning from war, ”were heard as a spell against the harsh situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. María Elena Walsh’s classic set the stage for the #ArgentinaCanta initiative proposed by Juan Carr , mentor of the Red Solidaria organization, who summoned the renowned keyboardist and arranger Lito Vitale to gather renowned Argentinean interpreters and put himself in charge of the musical direction of the record. “Each one sang a short part of the song, my t My job was to try to make the voices coexist in the same song, “Vitale told Télam. The musician and composer with a long career on the scene specified that he had little time to do the job since” this was commissioned by Juan Carr a day ago. and a half. ”The proposal included video production by Ariel Hassan, in charge of gathering the contributions of a musical cast that contributed their voices since the mandatory quarantine. The #ArgentinaCanta exhibition was completed 10 minutes before the already traditional applause that recognizes the effort of the health professionals in charge of treating and containing Covid – 19. The voices that completed the Musical staff were those of Pedro Aznar, Ligia Piro, Víctor Heredia, Lula Bertoldi, Wos, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Sandra Mihanovich, Nahuel Pennisi, Nacha Guevara and Marcela Morelo. Also present were Alejandro Lerner, Mica Vita, Luciano Pereyra, Kevin Johansen, Elena Roger, Liliana Herrero, Hilda Lizara zu, Lisandro Aristimuño, Palo Pandolfo, Julia Zenko, Georgina Hassan, Gabo Ferro, Coti Sorokin, Mavi Díaz, Emiliano Brancciari, Gustavo Santaolalla, Liliana Vitale, Patricia Sosa, Franco Luciani and Javier Malosetti.Each of these personalities sent him to Vitale a sung fragment different from “Como la cicada”, shaping an unusual collective effort. “The contribution that music makes is to accompany and excite, to corroborate that we are all in it, even if we have different realities,” stressed Lito. to how he lives this situation of isolation, the creator who shares it with his son Luciano, 27 years old, said: “We lived it well, at home, we make music, thinking. But there are many people who are having a tremendously bad time. “Her partner, singer Hilda Lizarazu, is at home with her daughter Mia, while about the rest of her affections she said that her other daughter Emme” is spending these days alone at home, while my other son lives with his mother and my sister (Liliana) lives next to my house. “
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