Professors dermatologists are angry about the non-use of chloroquine. Questions about government decisions are increasing …

Yesterday, we published a forum expressing the rage of doctors and caregivers, particularly faced with the shortage of masks amplified by the delay taken by the government to react and launch the necessary orders (read the forum – click here).             Today, it is doctors who are indignant about the barrage against the experimental treatment of the coronavirus carried out by Professor Raoult. “Our government is not making the right decisions and is always behind schedule,” said a local dermatologist. However, as for confinement, as for tests, as for masks, any delay costs or will cost lives. How many doctors, nurses, caregivers are going to be infected for lack of masks for several weeks? How many people around them will be infected? We are apparently at war, but at war we must decide very quickly, and often take risks. It is the primary role of a warlord to know how to decide without waiting so as not to always have a battle behind. The scientific committee said … the scientific committee thinks that … the scientific committee is asking … the French are beginning to question the way in which political power is constantly hiding behind these experts, however learned they may be. The pandemic is already killing over 1500 a day worldwide. Do we have the right not to take into account the opinion of Professor Raoult, whose competence is recognized worldwide? The latter simply considers that the molecule of chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine) is “promising” compared to the coronavirus because it seems able to reduce the viral load (production of the virus by the patient), if the treatment is applied at the beginning of the infection, and even make it go away on the 5th or 6th day. If these effects are confirmed, the benefit is twofold: reduce the spread of the virus and save the patient. In reality, Professor Raoult noted that there was an anti-malaria drug on which “we have a huge clinical return (since 1949) which gives good results and which is promising in the face of certain viral contaminations, and especially the coronavirus ”. This is what prompted him to use chloroquine to treat some of his patients. Until recently, chloroquine was sold over the counter in pharmacies. And very widely used to fight against malaria, but also to treat polyarthritis and lupus. “In dermatology, we know this drug very well. It is safe on a 10 day treatment. We are fully aware of the side effects and the precautions to take with certain at-risk or elderly people, ”adds a doctor. “The government has launched a study, but on the seriously affected subjects. That is to say when this drug is only going to be very ineffective and at a time when the side effects may involve risks. ” Several doctors, in the private sector and in hospitals, have decided to use this treatment without waiting for new clinical trials and a government decision that will take time. “At worst, the treatment will not have the desired effects. But in this emergency, we have to try everything, especially if there is no risk. ” Several personalities in different fields have called for this treatment to be used immediately. You should know that the drug (Plaquénil) is available, that Sanofi has stocks to treat 150. 000 people for 10 days (a box of 30 tablets for 10 days of treatment costs 4, 17 euros) and qu ‘he can launch a major production. Once again, weeks will pass while waiting for the famous scientific committee to validate (or not) this experimental treatment. If chloroquine confirms its promises, then this delay will have cost many lives. As Professor Jean-Luc Harrousseau, former director of HAS says, “Nothing to lose and everything to gain”. Again, when you declare yourself in wartime, every minute is precious. One can only hope that the executive will pull itself together and that it also avoid contradictory injunctions that are very poorly understood. According to the last survey published by France Info, the confidence of the French has suddenly dropped. This is a trend that must absolutely be stopped so that everyone mobilizes without states of mind. Call from Philippe Douste Blazy – click here Articles already published Grandstand – I have rage – click here An inevitable global recession, but at what level? – click here The planet is dizzy, humans wake up – click here What will happen after the health crisis? – click here             
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