Quarantined: the video of Prince William and Kate Middleton's children that makes us cry

Prince William and Kate Middleton face the challenge of their lives: They have assumed the power of British royalty after the Queen decided to cede all responsibility to lead the fight against the pandemic due to the coronavirus. This Thursday Prince William and Kate Middleton have received the support that makes us all cry: in quarantine, their children George, Charlotte and Louis have sent a video that is a breath of joy, hope and emotion on such difficult days. It is a historical and critical moment. Any noble, light-filled and optimistic act is welcome to a pandemic-stricken British people: Princes George, Charlotte and Louis dedicated a gift that thrills British health workers and gives strength to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The children of Kate Middleton and Prince William starred in a video full of jumps and smiles waving their palms to honor the work of thousands of people who work in the UK health services and who these days are fighting against the global crisis that has also landed in the British Isles. The solidarity and recognition movement, children across the UK have joined with colorful posters and words of encouragement has an official message: “To all doctors, nurses, caregivers, doctors, pharmacists, volunteers working tirelessly to help those affected, “says the message on the official Instagram account of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The applause of George, Charlotte and Louis is in line with the worldwide recognition that millions of citizens around the world dedicate to our heroes who risk their lives every day: they went out to applaud the members of the health services; In an unprecedented event, filming had the approval of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It’s family bonding days and the need to remain isolated in mandatory quarantine at Anmer Hall, Sandringham’s royal residence (two hours on the motorway from London). Now that the schools are closed and there is no place for massive events, the video of the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton fills us with excitement. Thank you!          
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