Sabri Fawaz for Arabic.Net: I refuse classification in art, and this is the closest role to my heart

          Last update: Friday Shaban 2 1441 e – 27 March 2020 KSA 07: 38 – GMT 04: 38 Date of Publication: Friday 2 Shaban 1441 e – 27 March 2020 KSA 04: 34 – GMT 07 : 34 Source: – Mohamed Ahmed Sabry Fawaz Egyptian actor Sabri Fawaz has a special footprint and switches between difficult roles from time to time. Fawaz participates in a number of important works, some of which will be shown in the coming Ramadan and the other already shown. In his dialogue with “Al,” Fawaz spoke about his project with the artist Haifa Wehbe in “Light Black”, the fate of the series “Angel”, and the reactions about the role of “ Satan “in the series” Kingdom of Satan “, in addition to the most important roles that he considers to be one of his most prominent stations, and his position on performing the roles of evil. * In the beginning, how did your health condition become after I had a recent surgery? ** Thank God I am now a lot better and had bitterness surgery after Excruciating pain, and after surgery I improved a lot and practiced my normal life, taking into account the advice of doctors. Sabry Fawaz * Tell us about the series “Light Black” with the star Haifa Wehbe, Mu’tasem Al-Nahar, Ahmed Fahmy, Rogina and the scenes of photography? ** I play a lawyer in the series, and the role carries a lot of surprises and the series is a beautiful social and a very good work team participates in it, and we hope that it will be a special series, especially that Everything that we see after filming says that the series is strong and good, and I am happy to work with Haifa and all the participating Arab action team, from all the stars and drama makers, and we have a sense of belonging and one family. * Is the work considered a joint Arab drama? What do you think of this type of work that combines more than one nationality and dialect? ** Dramatic works that carry more than one tone exist throughout the time in one form or another, as we in the Arab region cooperate in art, marriage, love and friendship throughout the time and relations are interconnected, and we can say that light black Joint Arab drama, and this gathering has been taking place in the cinema for a long time. As for the drama, I think it is a bit late * What about the series “Malak”? And why was it canceled? ** The series “Malak” is a very good and distinguished series, starring Karim Fahmy and Witten Amer, and the series did not stop, but it was postponed due to production conditions only because the conditions are not favorable but will be implemented. Sabry Fawaz * Are you technically affected if you are not in the Ramadan season? ** Despite acknowledging the saying that good work succeeds at any time, but I really like to show my work in Ramadan and I have had a strong relationship with Ramadan a year ago ******** Since the days of the series “Al-Weseya”, I have not been absent from it, so I am really optimistic about it. * Tell us about the series “Kingdom of Satan” and the role of the devil that I played? ** This series has a great place in my heart, and the series has made a wonderful reaction and the role of “Fathi Iblis” despite the absence of how A large number of scenes, but he did a great reaction with people and I liked a comment by one of the critics in which he said, “Fathi Iblis, the character who represents and does not exist,” and there are new events for the character in the second part of A series. * I collaborated more than once with the author Amin Radi in controversial roles and unexpected works … What added to you? ** Of course, for me, he represents a full stage of my presence in the world of drama, and I love him very much because his job is fun “and what I like is that I represent He is the fullest representation in his works even though the speech is a little, and this type of representation I love very much and any of his works achieve a special imprint. * Important series such as “Al-Ahed”, “The Seven Commandments” and “The Kingdom of Satan” presented what is most important to you on the artistic and public level ** “Mahmoud Nafisa” in “The Seven Commandments”, the most popular of them, and “Satan” in “The Kingdom of Satan” I consider it a case that kidnapped people, but the most loving and close to him And the role of “Aldawi” in the “Covenant.” Sabry Fawaz in the role of Osama bin Laden * Many people did not follow the series “Kingdom of Satan” to display it on an electronic platform, so do you see that offer being unjust? ** On the contrary, I am happy to display the series on an electronic platform, this is a natural development and people must cooperate with this move seriously and with interest because the electronic platforms have a large audience and pay for viewing The electronic platforms will not cancel the TV or the cinema, on the contrary, they are all available elements that serve art, and it is good that we have reached this development even if somewhat late. * You have many evil roles that you provide with a comic touch .. Do you fear this quality and why do you present it in a comic way? ** The roles of evil do not frighten me, and the roles of good do not satisfy me, in the end I deal with a role and not good and evil. I like to play all roles, whether evil or good or insane or sane, the important thing is to satiate a representation and there is a difference, and indeed there is a comic touch in all my evil roles I search for and present it and because I am convinced that the evil person is a person and has his justifications, and I as an actor must justify my personality which is his body what You do it so that I can be convinced of it naturally and really. * Most of your roles are said to be complex, so does your classification as a difficult role actor bother you? ** It disturbs my classification in any region, and I spent my entire life so that I do not qualify as a difficult or easy actor or comic or complex, and I refused Many of the roles are good because they are similar to the roles I have provided before.
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