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Coronavirus treatment

Coronavirus treatment

          A vaccine used against tuberculosis may be effective in fighting the new coronavirus. According to Bloomberg, Australian scientists have begun testing its effects on Melbourne doctors. Bacillus Kalmet – Guerin (BCG) has been used for tuberculosis for almost 100 years. However, it is effective not only in these cases. Yes, it is used in the treatment of bladder cancer in the early stages and is able to strengthen the “first line of defense” of the body, which allows the immune system to fight viruses more effectively. “It is able to strengthen the immune system, which can protect against a number of different infections, a number of different bacteria and viruses in a much more general form than from one tuberculosis,” said the head of infectious disease research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, a professor infectious diseases in children at Melbourne University and Head of infectious diseases at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Nigel Curtis. Four thousand volunteers from Melbourne medical staff agreed to volunteer for the study. They will be selectively divided into two groups: one will receive the flu vaccine and BCG, and the other will receive only the flu vaccine. The placebo vaccine cannot be used in this case as a control because BCG leaves a visible trace that will allow you to understand exactly which of the doctors received the vaccine and who did not. A similar study will be conducted in the Netherlands. Curtis also said he is in talks with clinics in other cities in Australia and Boston. Subscribe to our Telegram channel with technology and culture news. As of the morning 30 of March, coronaviruses have infected over the world 720 thousands of people, including 100 997 cases of infection are lethal. Almost 152 thousands of people are considered to be recovering. The “coronavirus” leader is the US with 18 469 new cases, Spain with 6 875 new cases and Italy with 5 217 new cases. These countries remain the largest epicenters for the spread of the disease.                    
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