Home News Technology Do you want to see that not even cats escape the Coronavirus?

Do you want to see that not even cats escape the Coronavirus?

Do you want to see that not even cats escape the Coronavirus?

It is no longer news to anyone that the new Coronavirus, COVID – 19, is seriously limiting us by ‘imprisoning’ us within our own home. However, while they thought that this was an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with our pets … It seems that things are not quite like that! At the end of the day, in Belgium, we have a cat with COVID – 19, and who transmitted it was its owner. 3D animals are already on Google and can be in your room! They want to see like cats escape from the Coronavirus? So, according to the Belgian health authorities, we are talking about a worrying, super curious case, but fortunately isolated from a passage of the disease from human to animal. At the end of the day, a government spokesman has already come out to say that this can happen if there is very close contact between infected humans and animals, that is, the virus can even be transmitted between animals and humans! However, there is no reason to assume that animals could be one of the vectors of transmission in our society. Having said all this, it seems that the cat in question felt bad, presenting several of the symptoms of COVID – 19, such as difficulty in breathing, this after its owner has been tested positive for the epidemic. “The cat had diarrhea, vomited and had breathing difficulties. The researchers found the virus in the animal’s feces. ”“ This is an isolated case. Furthermore, we are talking about human-to-animal transmission, not vice versa. There is no evidence that this is a common phenomenon. The risk of transmission between animals and humans is very low. Despite this event, we must emphasize that pets are not a factor in this epidemic. It is important not to abandon your pet! We are talking about an isolated case! Not being the first, since a dog was also tested positive for Coronavirus on Chinese soil. What’s more, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.Source Read alsoOr see more news from COVID – 19, Specials, Featured, Outside the BoxCompany the minute with the latest technology news. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Want to talk to us? Send an email to geral@leak.pt. Ever since I was very young I became interested in computers and technology in general, I had my first computer at 10 years and at 15 years I set up the my first tower, since then I never stopped. Whatever technology is, I’m in the front row to find out more.
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