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'Farmer Annemiek sent the nicest man home'

'Farmer Annemiek sent the nicest man home'

                 Almost 3.5 million Dutch people saw last night that farmer’s wife Annemiek sent Steven away from the farm. Viewers could not believe the choice of the farmer’s wife, because according to them Steven was the nicest man out of three. They think that the man can now expect a lot of female attention. Uncomfortable conversation? The man told Annemiek his moving personal story. Steven has had cancer, is still under control and finds himself physically fatigued faster than peers. Annemiek, who does not show much empathy in all episodes, also remained silent this time. A few hours later she sent Steven home. Still no crush Twitterers go crazy on Annemiek and cannot understand her choice. Some even hope that the other two men voluntarily leave the farm, because they think Annemiek will not be a nice girlfriend. Fortunately, there are also viewers who have to do with the young farmer’s wife. They see an insecure young woman who is looking for love, but has no idea what kind of man she is looking for. She told Yvon Jaspers that she still doesn’t feel in love with her men, but who knows, maybe it will come. At least she has a lot in common with Erik… I do not understand that Annemiek has sent Steven away, he is just the sweetest man ever #bzv I will send him a letter myself I think #Steven – Carlina 👻 (@CarlinaShawol) March 29, 2020 If I was 20 years younger and not married I would have known it, then I would now google what his name is Steven, where he lives and how I could reach him so that I could marry him questions. B #bzv #steven – Mirjam Visser (@ MirjamVisser8) March 29, 2020 Annemiek was far ahead of her time. During the shooting she kept 1.5m away from her guests #bzv #hold distance #andhalvemeter #annemiek – claire (@claver) March 29, 2020 Am I the only one who liked Steven by far the best of the 3? #BOD #peasant woman – Ammxxx (@Amy 16722011) March 29, 2020 Hahaha, twittering NL looking for empathy… you look at BOER looking for woman #annemiek #bzv – vunvus (@vunvus) March 29, 2020 But you know all that, so don’t give up on #annemiek. Because she is just a girl who, like many others, just wants love. And if she had been a goddess in love, she wouldn’t have participated in #bzv either – Rose Mentink (@Rose_Mentink) March 29, 2020         
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