Home News Technology The BCG coronavirus vaccine? It is “one of the research hypotheses”

The BCG coronavirus vaccine? It is “one of the research hypotheses”

The BCG coronavirus vaccine? It is “one of the research hypotheses”

VACCINES – This is one track among many, but it is considered serious enough to be tested on a larger scale and in several countries. On Friday 27 March, a team of Australian researchers announced that they have undertaken to test on a large scale the BCG vaccine, used for decades against tuberculosis, to check if it is able to protect healthcare workers from the coronavirus epidemic. Testing this vaccine will involve a total of some 4000 healthcare workers in Australian hospitals to verify their ability to reduce symptoms of Covid – 19, said researchers at the Murdoch Institute in Melbourne. Similar tests will also be conducted in other countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. French, the general director of health Jérôme Salomon confirmed this Sunday during his daily press briefing that it was indeed “one of the research hypotheses on which we are working with our European colleagues”, citing the Netherlands .Jérôme Salomon clarified however that the case of France was different from its neighbors, the vaccination rate being much higher there. “The French are massively vaccinated against BCG. It’s a French specificity. And the vaccine is mandatory for healthcare professionals. […] We don’t have the same situation in France as in other countries where BCG is not compulsory, or even not offered at all, “he nuanced, pointing to the case of the United States.      Boosting the immune system According to the different scenarios under study, BCG would not prevent the vaccinated from contracting the coronavirus, but could help to reduce its most dangerous effects. “Although originally developed for tuberculosis and still administered to over 130 million babies each year, BCG also boosts the body’s basic immune capabilities by helping to respond to germs more forcefully, “Australian researchers say in their statement.” We hope to see a reduction in the frequency and severity of Covid symptoms – 19 caregivers who have been vaccinated with BCG, ”explained the leader of this research team, Nigel Curtis. The exacerbated forms of Covid – 19 indeed come from a response too strong of our immune defenses. According to Laurent Lagrost, director of research at Inserm, which recently worked on Europe1, the BCG vaccine could help our immune defenses to adapt and learn to fight against severe forms of infectious diseases. “This would not be the first time that BCG has effects other than those on tuberculosis,” said Professor Camille Locht, Inserm research director at the Institut Pasteur in Lille, in Le Point. However, not sure that the old vaccination campaigns are enough to protect the French population. “Since the immunity induced by BCG is around 5 to 7 years, their protection – if it still exists – must be very weak. But a new injection can “wake up” immunity in a matter of hours or days. And why not help the body to fight against this new virus, ”assumes the researcher. If it is true, the BCG track could explain why the youngest, who have been vaccinated more recently, are statistically less affected by the Covid – 19 and its most dangerous forms. But that, only large-scale tests will determine it. “In France, we are trying to launch a somewhat similar study in consultation with other countries, including Spain,” warns Camille Locht. The results will come “in a few months. In the meantime, nothing justifies the fact of being vaccinated in the context of the Covid – 19 ″. To see also on The HuffPost: Why we should not expect the rapid arrival of a vaccine on the coronavirus
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