Home Art Bears wear truth trousers to “make sports films”

Bears wear truth trousers to “make sports films”

Bears wear truth trousers to “make sports films”

Bears wearing truth pants “make sports films”, long legs against the sky to attract attention (picture / taken from Zhongshi database) Xiong Xiong revealed in IG the sexy photos of sports films in advance, only wearing truth pants to show his long legs and super eye-catching. (Picture / excerpt from Xiong Xiong Zhuo Yutong IG) Xiong Xiong (Zhu Yutong) has been scandalous since her debut, but her height 155 centimeters has a sexy figure of G-cup. Pulling the male princess hugs, causing fans to discuss; recently, in the IG, the bears revealed in advance that the sexy photos of the sports film, only wearing truth pants to show their long legs are super eye-catching.  The peach blossoms are still working during the epidemic prevention period. Today (1), she released a limited-time update at IG. She mentioned that the YouTube is being prepared to shoot a video. The picture shows her wearing a white sports vest and super short truth pants. Although the sign Shuangfeng was covered, the whole body looked at the sexy long legs, and it was completely impossible to see that it was only 155 cm. Despite being considered to be ambiguous with 5 men at the same time, in the past IG responded with “Qing Zhe Zi Qing” and frankly became himself; since his debut, he has spread rumors with Li Weifeng, Zhang Lidong, Yan Mingxun and Tesla men , But she only admitted that Tesla male was “observed.” (China Times News) Maybe you will be interested Recommended reading   Entertainment Hot News The pig butterfly film is crazy! Luo Zhixiang met Kai Le for the first time: I want to chase you, she responds painfully-Entertainment Kai Le admits that Xiao San is bombarded, she exposes “will always be Luo Zhixiang’s woman”-Entertainment Luo Zhixiang begs forgiveness “Don’t attack my mother again” The amazing truth behind Zhai Shen’s exposure-Entertainment Why doesn’t Luo Zhixiang recognize Kai Le? She broke the grievances inside-entertainment Kai Le is not talented by body? Female doctor’s speech was bombarded with acid back: Shut up-Entertainment give an opinion Zhongshi E-newspaper reserves the right to modify or remove text, pictures or files published by users of the message system. When users use the message service of this website, they have read and fully understood, and agree to cooperate with the following regulations: Do not repeat the same article, or articles with the same content or similar content Please do not publish content that is not related to the theme Statements related to attacks, insults, insults, or other content that violates social good customs, social justice, national security, government laws and regulations, this website will be directly removed Please do not send commercial posts, replies, etc. to conduct commercial advertisements, harass netizens, etc., or promote specific websites or blogs. Once discovered, it will limit your speaking authority or block your account In order to avoid the message system becoming a vent area and saliva version, please do not repost news articles, reports or related links Do not provide software registration codes and other information that violates intellectual property rights It is forbidden to publish online gossip, untrue rumors, etc. that involve the privacy of others, contain personal private comments on public figures, and do not confirm or indicate the source Please confirm that the published or replied content (picture) does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, patents and other rights of others; if the copyright legal responsibility arising from the published or replied content will be borne by the user, it does not represent the position of Zhongshi Electronic News Please abide by relevant laws and regulations Violating the above regulations, Zhongshi E-newspaper has the right to delete the message, or directly block the account! Please read the message board rules before speaking, thank you for your cooperation.
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