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Sigrid Solbakk Raabe is Spell of the Year

Sigrid Solbakk Raabe is Spell of the Year

23 – The year-old from Ålesund won the newcomer award in 2017, was translated in 2018 – and wins the most awarded trophy for 2019 . In addition, she has been named pop artist of the year. The Spellman Prize for 2019 arrives even later in the year than the prize is usually awarded, due to the corona crisis. But now the biggest trophy has been handed out – without the usual applause and cheers. from a crowded hall. Sigrid was awarded the prize in a two-year set at “Lindmo” in a recording earlier this week. (See clip at the top of the case.) – I’ve been dreaming of winning Spellemann of the Year since I started writing songs that 16 – year old, Sigrid tells VG.- When I was growing up and started writing, it was Spellemann who was the big one and it still is. That this is already happening on the debut record, it is really really great. Thank you listenersShe takes the opportunity to give a small thank you speech: – This goes out to the team, band, crew, producers and songwriters I have worked with, my family and all my sources of inspiration. Thanks to the Spellman Committee and those in the Norwegian music industry who have paved the way! And not least: – Finally, I want to thank everyone who listens to my music, you make it possible here. – This year’s Spellemann is the biggest of the biggest. This one I will live on for the rest of my life. – A strange Spellman But in today’s corona situation there is also sadness and need. – I miss the band and the crew very much. It’s nice and a little painful when we see each other, because we don’t quite know when the next time will be, says Sigrid. – How does this crisis affect you and your music? – It affects me quite a bit. There is a whole industry that is somewhat in decline, perhaps. Everything is very unclear, and there are many I know who have lost the basis for jobs and wages, it has been torn down, especially for the part of the industry that depends on touring. Also, Sigrid is nominated for the most Spellman awards. But she is glad that measures will be followed and that the government is trying to get on track. Right now Sigrid is in Ålesund with his family. It feels good to celebrate with those close, even though she would have liked to have attended a ceremonial awards ceremony and met and hugged the other nominees. – It’s a nice Spellemann this year. Sigrid is also the winner of the pop artist category, and is the double Spellemann winner. In that category she thanks Gabrielle, Ruben and Bendik. In addition, her main producer Martin Sjølie wins the category for this year’s producer. He has produced most of Sigrid’s debut album “Sucker Punch”, and several of her hits. In NRK’s ​​broadcast, it was Sigrid himself who called Sjølie to bring the good news. She tells VG that she has been waiting for him to receive this award, that it was very deserving. – I have pretty big news – you’ve won the Producer of the Year! – No !? Are you undercover ?, asks Sjølie, before he gets buzzed. – So wonderfully nice! Nice to know it from you. There is a person to thank, it is Sigrid then, and my wife Aurora, for she is the coolest in the world. Last time Sigrid won the Spellemann Prize for this year’s newcomer 2017, and had serious career winds when she was at the 2018 awards at the end of March last year.Then her record had been out for three weeks, received adventurous reviews internationally – and reached fourth place on the album list in the UK, which is her biggest market outside Norway. however, there were no prices then. And Spellman of the Year 2018 went to Alan Walker. And I had a great evening with Spellemann last year, but it is clearly sick to win this year. For 2019 there may be another price to Sigrid. Saturday she can win the category for this year’s song, where she is nominated for “Don’t Feel Like Crying” .Published: 01. 05. 20 at. 14: 30 Updated: 01. 05. 20 at. 15: 42 Commercial Cooperation: Discount CodesEuroflorist Discount CodeStormberg Discount CodesHotels.com Discount CodeElo’s Offer CodeEurodel Discount Code
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