Home Art Vlad Topalov proposed to forget about the scandal with Todorenko and “move on”

Vlad Topalov proposed to forget about the scandal with Todorenko and “move on”

Vlad Topalov proposed to forget about the scandal with Todorenko and “move on”

Pop artist Vlad Topalov turned to his Instagram subscribers to forget about the scandal with Regina Todorenko and “move on.” “I am tired of all this anger and hatred. Fair. I don’t hold evil on anyone, ”the artist said. This statement outraged Topalov’s subscribers, who were offended by his obscene responses to comments and swearing live. “First, to say that the women themselves are to blame, that they are beaten, that they need to keep quiet and not talk about domestic violence, to send everyone who said that it’s wrong, that it’s wrong, to call all those outraged by under-women and non-men. As a result – “I forgive you all.” Strange you “,” I do not hold evil? Seriously? Your subscribers should apologize, Vlad. Who are you without them? At least for a mat, ”users wrote in the comments. They also accused the couple of hypocrisy and ridiculous excuses for an audience that reacted sharply to Todorenko’s statements. “Well, it was necessary to dishonor so nobly! And as the public poked his nose, he immediately changed his shoes! We saw your true face ”,“ How quickly they changed shoes, it’s ridiculous to watch ”,“ Well, how duplicate this is all: first they publicly advocate domestic violence, then they upload a video that, “Oh, I am against domestic violence, I just mixed up.” Also, you insult the foul language of your subscribers who dare to speak out, and then write “oh, let’s be friends”. It’s kind of ridiculous that there would be less dirt in your direction if you had changed shoes less, ”users say. Earlier, Topalov live on Instagram complained of curses against his family. According to the performer, Todorenko’s statements provoked streams of anger, including in relation to their little son. “You are ready to kill me, I am ready to kill you, because you want me and my son to burn in the fire, and he is only a year and four months old! No need to be so evil. Did my son deserve such hatred? ” – asked Topalov and added that people need to be kinder. In a recent interview, Todorenko said that women themselves might be to blame for being hit by men. Discussing the conflict in the family of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece, the host of Orel and Reshki came to the conclusion that abused wives cannot talk about it on camera. “He takes the camera and says:” God, my husband beats me. ” What’s with the brains at the moment? Your husband beats you, but why didn’t you think about it? And what have you done so that he does not beat you? And what did you do to hit you? ” She wrote. After an odious interview, Todorenko was harassed on the net, lost several major advertising contracts, and Glamor magazine stripped her of the title Woman of the Year. Realizing the magnitude of the problem, the TV presenter posted two large apologized posts on Instagram. “I believe that there is no such thing as“ deserve violence. ” I really want to convey the idea that it is in our hands, in our power, to stop the violence and to prevent it from happening at all. Yes, I stumbled and made a mistake! But I am grateful to my stupid language for becoming a trigger that helped tens of thousands of women speak out. Thank you for showing me the vile realities that I didn’t even suspect about because of my ignorance and lack of education, ”wrote Todorenko. The celebrity admitted that the stories of real women opened her eyes to the problem of domestic violence. “I contacted representatives of foundations supporting women who have been subjected to domestic violence in order to jointly bring this problem to the public, and most importantly, to develop steps to eradicate it. In this situation, a woman needs help, not the cover girl’s advice, ”she said. Later, the popular blogger Sasha Mitroshina said that Todorenko plans to make a film about the victims of domestic violence with the involvement of popular fem-activists.
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